Personal Responsibility

Every step we take contains significant decisions of personal choice.  To determine if we fail or thrive at a task involves the process of internal conversation which leads to action.  Taking control of our internal conversations and ultimately our actions is considered responsibility.  Yet, why does the fourteen letter word “responsibility” carry so much weight?  In short, responsibility translates to your ability to respond and make competent choices that affect your life and the lives of others around you.  Each step counts, every thought counts, the syllable of every spoken word counts.  It’s very easy to blame others when things go wrong but it’s our obligation to own our successes and failures.  Our personal choices in life and the outcomes they produce are solely our own.  To succeed in that effort, we must fight to stay internally strong and nurture intelligent conversation within ourselves and with others.  In order to triumph in life we must establish and maintain a high level of personal responsibility.  In other words, we must stay awake and master the ability to respond.

D. Smith

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